Gunsmithing is the process of building, designing,

modifying, stylizing or repairing a firearm.




We'd like to apologize in that we have, generally, ceased "true" gunsmithing operations. We can, and will be happy to undertake most of your common needs. Rifle compliance, trigger work on modern pistols and obviously any AR pattern (and similar) work.

What we are no longer doing is anything similar to the following:

1) "I have this box of Colt parts. Can you put it back together?"


2) "I have an H&R Revolver that makes a crunchy noise when the grip falls off, can you fix the crunchy noise?"


3) "A guy found this box of Arisaka's in a basement and gave them to me, can you go through them and then make as many good ones as you can."

No, Steve.

4) "My 1911 is kinda sucky, can you help me make it less sucky?"

5) "I bought this sweet new AR lower and don't have any other parts.. can you build me an AR?"
Hell yes.

6) "I love my Smith/Glock/Sig/Ruger/etc" but the trigger is made from corn cobs, hate and metal from my grandmothers walker.. can you fix it?"


7) Rust repair, cleanings, modern trigger work, certain demonic removals, paint work, scopes, etc. YES. Let us know your needs and we'll decide on the fly.


If there is something we can't or are unwilling to do, we are happy to facilitate the repair on your behalf with a particular gunsmith we have made arrangements with. We don't need to make any money on the deal, but we also don't dictate pricing. He's easily the best in the state and his quality is unparalleled.