!!!MASS OK AR-15 pattern rifles!!!

Here at Minuteman Armory we are one of the VERY few shops who can offer you a brand new, post June 20th MASS LEGAL AR15 pattern rifle.

See the bottom of the page for the lawyerly explaination. But look just below for the awesomeness!



The core of our rifles are all the same. The lowers and uppers come from top tier OEMs, but are made specifically for us. Tolerances are excellent and coloration is always perfect "mil-spec". Custom coloration is always an option if standard black isn't your style.

  • All features are 'Mil-spec' or better, so any of our rifles can be upgraded as you so see fit.

  • All BCGs are m16 style. This adds a slight amount of cyclic weight for increased reliability and accuracy. The bolt carrier port is chromed for durability and cleanability and the gas keys are staked.

  • All barrels have a 1MOA guarantee of accuracy with "match grade" ammunition. The barrel company strongly stands behind their barrels. They provide this guarantee even on their shortest AR pistol barrels. The barrels are chambered in either 5.56 or 223 wylde (assuming you are buying this caliber). Barrels are a 4150 Chrome Moly and have M4 feed ramps and typically are a 1:7 twist.


We refuse to screw around with cheap parts. Performance is critical. Particularly here in Massachusetts people are happy to get whatever they can, but if you're going to spend your hard earned money, DON'T BUY JUNK. We won't sell it.

As we say, we literally put our name on the gun. We are proud of what we produce and know you will be absolutely satisfied with it for years.




Check out this (unpaid) review: https://ravenfirearmstraining.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/new-guns-1-minuteman-armorys-lightweight-ar-carbine/



Tier 1

This is our basic rifle. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

The Tier 1 is no longer regular production.

If you are an agency, department or other group working on a budget, or simply the need is for a ‘basic’ rifle we can and are willing to build you as many as you’d like. If you’re a normal oppressed Mass citizen, we would have STRONGLY encouraged you to look at a Tier 2 anyway. They are worth the upgrade.

Tier 2

Our most popular, by far. We are shooters. We are AR guys and we all followed the same pattern.. buy a basic rifle and then modify it.. again and again. We all got together and our therapist pointed out the pattern, and we used that to your advantage. We build this gun with the most common upgrades, but since we don't need to do it twice, you don't have to pay twice.

Free floated 16" medium heavy barrel, 1:7 twist, m4 feed ramps. This is an improved barrel over the Tier 1. Guaranteed 1MOA.

Free float MLOK compatible handguard

Magpul stock, grip and magazine.

Trigger is an "enhanced" mil-spec by Geissele. It's a standard milspec type trigger that is cleaned up and NiB/Teflon coated. Crisp and light. Approx 5lb pull.

Specific parts may vary, but the end result is always the same.




Tier 2

Tier 2

The Lightweight

The Lightweight

The Lightweight

Though the Tier 2 comes in at a well under average at 6lbs 7oz, the Lightweight is exactly that. It comes in at over 20% lighter than the T2 at 5lbs 9oz. The weight savings isn't generated by sacrificing accuracy. This rifle still has a 1MOA guarantee.

Stock is an MFT Minimilist.

Barrel is a 14.5" lightweight fitted with a VG6 Gamma 2 chamber/ported brake.

BCG is a complete NiB unit.

Around the barrel is a lightweight free floating hand guard, MLOK compatible.

Trigger is upgraded to a Chip McCormick or a Giessele match grade drop in. Depending on shooter preference.

Added jewelry is an ambi safety and an extended ambi charging handle.
An enlarged Seekins Precision magazine release is added along with a Magpul ASAP sling mount.

Specific parts may vary but the end result is always spectacular.