Transfer information


As a general rule we are happy to do transfers. However we have several rules. 

Updated 6/24/17

1) We request that you ask "permission" for the transfer ahead of time.

       Basically, just because a gun exists doesn't mean the State of Massachusetts is going to let you have it, and you know what sucks.. when you don't ask permission, buy a gun, have it sent in and then we tell you it's going to cost you $30-$50 to send it back because you can't have it.  

Obviously, we'd prefer you buy the gun from us, we offer a better deal any time we can.


2) Let's assume you didn't ask permission, or you were on vacation and there was a screaming deal, or that gun on Gunbroker was "practically free", or whatever your answer is. And you bought it with out asking first. If we can do the transfer, that's fine. Ensure that the selling person/dealer gets in contact with us. At this point the transfer cost will be 10% of the MSRP or 100% book value of the gun.

In other words, you find a brand new Shield 9mm for $285 (it's happened) buy it and have it sent in transfer cost will be $44.

Same goes for frame transfers, only value is based on a complete gun.

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY - We don't give a flying bucket of crap if you have the tracking info transmitted directly to your brain every 30 milliseconds and then watched UPS driver hand "your" box to us... we will let you know when the gun is ready to be picked up. There is a legal process of what has to occur once a firearm shows up and we're not going to rush it, your gun will still be brand new. 


To request a transfer, call or come in to the shop. If it's a person to person transfer, it's often best to call ahead, but the above rules don't generally apply. 

If the firearm was purchased here, we will do the transfer for free. 


Minuteman Armory